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SML Refund and Credit Information

SML Designs builds custom, handcrafted wood furniture and builtins.  We are committed to producing your project with the highest level of  quality and attention to detail; therefore, we take time to make sure every part of your custom build is built with excellence.


We do not offer full refunds on deposits, once the order is placed into the build queue. Projects can be canceled within the Cold Feet period which is a 3 day window from the time you place your order. In this window, you are guaranteed a full refund, per our Terms and Conditions, with written notice. It will be returned within 7 business days with a check. Our deposits are non- refundable, after the “Cold Feet” period,  per our Work Order Agreement.  

If you change your mind about a build, after your project is in the build queue, we can offer you a credit to your  account, equivalent to the amount of your deposit, minus any materials  and supplies already purchased for your project.  

If your project has already begun, your credit will be less any labor hours used on your project. 

If you do not wish to have a credit on your account, SML DESIGNS will consider a partial refund. Please note that a refund is not guaranteed and will be reviewed. If a refund is considered to be the best option, a percentage of the deposit will be returned via check. Please  allow up to 90 business days to receive the check.  

Design Consult fees are non-refundable.


Please submit a request for the option you’d like to move forward  with, if you choose to cancel your order that’s in the SML DESIGNS  build queue. 

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